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Jonathan Keith Idema
Super Patriot

At age 12 Jonathan Idema read “The Green Berets” and decided he would live a life of danger. When old enough he joined the Army and passed the rigorous training required to enter the special forces. Idema served three years in the green berets. He was discharged because he is a pathological liar. Grandiose, violent and criminal behavior in civilian life complete the criteria for anti-social personality disorder. The military tries to screen psychopaths out, but as evidenced by Steven Green, Charles Graner, and Jonathan Idema, it sometimes fails.

In civilian life Idema ran a paint-ball/military surplus store and created the “US Counter-Terrorist Group,” which gave traveling exhibitions. He became friends with Robin Moore, the author of “The Green Berets.” During this time Idema created his “Jack” persona, a no-bullshit, terror-fighting super patriot who can’t even see red tape, perhaps because he always wears shades. Jack lives with his totally hot wife, Viktoria Runningwolf, when he is not kicking bad guy ass with his jump and scuba trained dog “Sargie.” Jack has shadowy friends in high places but is persecuted by the envious and incompetent FBI. In 1994 the real Jonathan Idema, an alcoholic con-man, did three years for fraud.

After 9/11 Idema went to Afghanistan pretending to be a “Special Forces Operative.” He shot videotape of masked men training and sold it to TV news claiming it was Al-Queda. Through interviews with Dan Rather and Fox News “Jack” help shape public opinion on the war on terror. He helped Robin Moore write his book “Hunting Bin Laden,” where he inserted his “Jack” persona in an adolescent and embarrassing manner.

In 2005 Idema returned to Afghanistan with a cameraman and a sidekick. As Task Force Sabre they kidnapped and interrogated unlucky Afghans. By this time US military had issued a Jonathan Idema wanted poster. Idema and his crew were snatched up in a midnight raid, freeing eight victims. After a very public trial, Idema received a ten year sentence, a fraction of what eight counts of kidnapping would have garnered in the US. Now he lives in Pulacharke prison along with many Taliban and Al-Queda. On the Internet you can find home movies of Idema drunk in his cell and acting like a jackass.